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Recent blog posts
MR2 Solutions Partners with the World's 5th Most Innovative Company


March started off with an innovative start as MR2 Solutions and Huawei shook hands to be strategic partners for the local IT community. Emulating the business models of leading edge manufacturers, MR2 Solutions strives to be as innovative as the enterprise companies they work with. MR2 Solutions also embraces the changes of technology as it becomes their obligation and pleasure to share this knowledge to their customers. 

But first, who is Huawei? 

A global ICT solution provider who originated in China, Huawei Enterprise USA offers world class management and network development. Heavily investing in R&D, this market leading manufacturer brings the latest and most revolutionized technology to enterprise infrastructure networks. Claiming to help build more efficient business models, they serve a variety of verticals, including governments, educational institutions, finance corporations and more. In an overall grand scale, Huawei provides solutions that involve unified communications, emergency response efficiency, wireless broadband, BYOD, data center and cloud storage.

With MR2 Solutions specializing in storage and network infrastructure, we bring in Huawei to talk to our customers about the new PCIe SSD technology that is sweeping the data center. With SSDs in conventional storage interfaces designed to support mechanical drives, recent developments have been made so SSDs can increase performance for high-speed PCIe bus interface. While the industry is familiar with Fusion-io's PCIe SSDs, Huawei's PCIe SSD accelerator cards have much more of an impressive offering. According to Storage Review Enterprise Lab, "On the top end of the performance scale, this means 3.2 GB/s max read bandwidth and 2.8GB/s write. The cards have a number of additional features such as enhanced error checking, power fail protection and mechanisms to drive enhance endurance over the course of their life." Other features include: 


Outstanding Performance

  • small size: FH-HL (full-height half-length)
  • large capacity: 600GB-1.6TB
  • High bandwidth
  • High IOPs
  • Low latency

Easy Maintenance

  • Supports online upgrades to meet customized needs
  • Integrated querying & management tool: queries the type/ capacity/ version/ wear/ bad lock information of SSD device
  • Log function: records key events

Industry-leading reliability

  • Supports power-down protection to ensure data integrity
  • Combines embedded ECC engine and RAID5 engine for 2D error detection/ correction mechanism 
  • Adopts the embedded data scrubbing engine to prevent errors in advance

To firmly establish our new partner relationship, both MR2 Solutions and Huawei are holding a lunch & learn event in Orange County on Thursday March 19, 2015 at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Irvine. Please join us for lunch as we connect you to the technology experts that can help you unleash your high-performance computing potential for your virtual network. Take advantage of this opportunity to speak one on one with Huawei representatives as well as MR2 solution specialists that can help you with your business needs. 




SilcionANGLE's The CUBE Interview with Simplivity talks about how Simplivity's leading edge hyper converged technology is revolutionizing virtualized IT infrastructure with simplified management. This "sports" like interview is led by Stuart Miniman, where he dives into how Simplivity is changing the game in the virtual era. Simplivity's VP of product strategy, Jesse St. Laurent answers questions that deeply analyze the certain aspects of their solution and how it's affecting the industry today. Taken place at the VTUG Winter Warmer 2015 at the home of this year's SuperBowl XLIX champions, Laurent provides a play by play of how Simplivity is strategically positioning themselves in the market place. Just like the New England Patriots, Simplivity can arguably be called the underdogs of for the virtualized environment, starting off as a start up, they now are expanding and taking on the big leagues. 

 Questions Asked by Stuart Miniman

1.) Describe the Simplivity product overview. Answer [1:19]

2.) Tell us what you see coming from the networking/ infrastructure stand point from your solution, coming from several lines of business to a holistic infrastructure. Answer [2:11]

3.) Simplivity can similarly be compared to other technologies that do the same thing, such as NetApp, does Simpilivity have every single piece that I would need today? And what would I need to add on in the future? Answer [3:36]

4.) How do you guys deal with the fact that there are so many different entry points and how do you get customers to pay attention to you? Answer [4:54]

5.) You guys are known for multi-site environment, and replication is a common IT challenge, what makes what you guys do different with everything else out there in the market place? Answer [6:21]

6.) A lot of businesses have multiple locations and utilization is low, how tough is it for customers to get a new mindset about virtualization? Answer [9:01]

7.) Is your solution an 'aspirn' or is it a 'vaccine?' Answer [10:30]

8.) Why should companies trust a start up? Answer [11:46]

9.) How do we make customers understand the differentiation of Simplivity's technology when it come to compression, deduplication and replication? How do you educate the users of how unique Simplivity is? Answer [13:57]

10.) Since often times deduplication and compression can hurt performance throughout time when data grows, what is the balance of that and how are your customers able to manage the growth? Answer [16:37]

11.) How do customers get involved with Simplivity? Answer [18:18]


The answer to the last question is that they do everything through their channel community. As Simplivity's direct product partner for the OmniCube, MR2 Solutions can connect users to the best engineers and IT specialists that can help any company adopt this new simplified environment. Collaboratively, MR2 Solutions and Simplivity can analyze unique business needs and solve IT challenges so that managers, directors and staff can focus on more important issues and not worry about productivity. 

To learn more or connect with a Simplivity subject matter expert, we are inviting IT directors, managers, CIOs and their staff to join us for lunch on Wednesday Feb. 18, 2015 at Andrei's Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails @ 11:30AM

Register now to speak with the IT professionals that can help you get up to speed with the virtual era and you can start growing your business. > REGISTER HERE


How Hyper Converged Infrastructure Increase TCO Savings

MR2 Solutions partners up with only the latest and greatest technology manufacturers up to date. With hyper converged technology on the rise and simplified IT architecture a necessity, it's crucial that MR2 Solutions provides relevant and updated information about the trends today. This is why we deeply believe in and trust our market leading manufacturer - SimpliVity. SimpliVity's mission is to increase management, storage, transfers, and protection with a simplified technology to lower cost and complexity. As volumes continue to grow in every business, (no matter what industry) IT infrastructures that aren't virtualized begin to feel the IT challenges that are brought on by lack of human resources, management and disparate IT infrastructure hardware. Generally, Total Cost Ownership (TCO) is the sum total of costs of the solution being purchased and operated over 3 years, including CAPEX and OPEX cost. SimpliVity's OmniCube platform revolutionizes the IT infrastructure with the new and unproven infrastructure stack. Data centers that are looking to virturalize their environment or build a cloud infrastructure look to SimpliVity's solution because they provide a simplified and more cost-effective approach with their one platform/ one screen system. Running on a common hardware so same core components can be deployed at multiple levels of infrastructure, the system also includes VM application hosting in primary data centers, local backup infrastructure, remote DR infrastructure and remote/ branch offices. Public cloud integration and converged, 2U storage/ server appliance designed for virtual environments are just a few things you would expect from a highly intelligent machine. 

Therefore, IT departments that use SimipliVity's hyperconverged technology would see the that the atomic IT building block of the Omnicube reduces the TCO of IT infrastructure by 3 times or more. Powered by a novel data architecture, and pending over 10 patents, OmniCube combines the functionality of up to 12 different products, in a single unified stack, including servers, primary storage systems, storage switches, backup deduplication appliances, WAN optimization devices, SSD appliances, data protection applications, and cloud gateway appliances. By consolidating into one single appliance, they were able to eliminate many of the components that made the previous environment complex and expensive. In a CAPEX cost point of view, this innovative technology replaces the need for many disparate devices: backup and DR devices, WAN bandwidth, separate flash caches and flash arrays. In an OPEX cost perspective, hyperconvergence enables significant labor, maintenance, bandwidth and general data center management cost savings.


To find out more information or to connect with a SimpliVity technology expert, join us for lunch on Wednesday Feb. 18 @ 11:30AM at Andrei's Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails


Customer overview:b2ap3_thumbnail_disaster-recovery-resilence-backup-online-datacentre-outage-540x334.jpg

First starting off as a property management facility, Western National Group (WNG) evolved into a premier regional third party apartment property Management Company in the Western region. Combining management strength and market intelligence with a legacy of corporate success and industry innovation, they provide comprehensive products and services to owners and investors. They are critically acclaimed to be one of the West's premier multifamily real estate companies and for decades, they have provided value and service to property owners in the local community.

IT Challenges:

Managing multiple properties requires a highly efficient data center that can store and backup critical data for the business. The IT department needed to   upgrade processes and equipment when new information was being stored for each property profile. However, retention was an ongoing issue where the   backup window was taking 12 hours to backup data. The company was in search of a solution with speed and convenience of disk-based backup, but for a   cost-efficient price.

Solution Provided:

Working closely with an MR2 Solutions specialist, the environment was able to benefit from the EX21000E. This appliance, along with the other backup solutions, divides storage into two major portions: “landing zones” and deduplication backups. Landing zones allows the system to accomplish fast restorations as well as store full uncompressed backup so that the recovery time isn’t slowed down every time deduplication backups would need to decompress files. Exagrid ensures maximized bandwidth and full computing power capacity by including full servers in their expansions as businesses continue to grow. As WNG productively expands, they are able accommodate additional capacity with Exagrid’s scale-out structure. This eliminates the overhaul to a network and backup infrastructure, saving time and money.

Improved Backup Initiative:

Exagrid quickened the backup process, which had also worked seamlessly with the already acquired Veeam software. Additional 14 appliances can join a single GRID, which makes for 588TB usable capacity. Deduplication technology is also done offline and in parallel with backups, keeping deduplication out of the backup path for faster restores and shorter backup windows. This solution was customized for the company’s business needs and in return, they received the most out of their IT investment. MR2 Solutions was able to go into the environment and diagnose the exact pain points the department was going through. With access to powerful and important resources from the Exagrid engineering team, the MR2 Solutions “architects” were able to discover the best solution for WNG.

About Exagrid:

Exagrid Systems is a notable and large manufacture known worldwide. They solve backup problems effectively and permanently with their unique and patented technology, Exagrid’s disk-based, scale-out GRID architecture adjusts to increasing backup demands due to constantly growing data volumes. It acclaims that it is the only solution that combines compute with capacity as well as unique landing zone to permanently shorten backup windows and eliminate expensive forklift upgrades. Learn more here.


REGISTER NOW FOR OUR OnDemand Pizza Webinar

Join us as an Exagrid solutions specialist, presents the new EX32000E solution for large enterprises. This appliance offers more capacity and more performance for backup initiatives. Please see our EVENT CALENDAR for more details.

dell-SC4020-400Today, IT departments, both large and small, are looking to get more for less.  In order for organizations to be competitively productive, IT managers not only need to identify the optimal technology that satisfies the technical requirements, but they also need to acquire the most optimized technology that best satisfies the requirements of the application at the lowest cost to the business. Studies from ESG research show that one of the most important criteria when it comes to IT investment are price and total cost of ownership (TCO). As your local IT solutions provider, MR2 Solutions helps companies balance these requirements from a storage perspective by looking at the price of the equipment, examining the efficiencies built into the storage system, and understanding the TCO of the investment. 

Therefore, MR2 Solutions and Dell have partnered up to promote the newest storage solutions technology that provides more performance with less investment. Dell Storage channel introduces its latest version of SC8000, which is the SC4020 storage array with read-intensive SSDs. The Dell Storage SC4020 is designed to provide the enterprise-class features and functionality of the Dell Compellent SC8000 storage system in a more cost-effective package that is optimized for small midsized deployments. The SC4020 comes in a 2U dual controller enclosure with 24 integrated drive slots, 8 Fibre Channel or 4 iSCSI host ports, and 4 SAS disk expansion ports. SC200/220 disk enclosures can be added to scale the system up to 120 drives and are powered by a single quad-core 2.5GHz Intel processor with 32GB of memory. Despite the new specks that make this appliance more efficient, there are other technologies that make this solution more cost-effective: 


Automation and Intelligence: 

All Dell systems based on the SC Series (Compellent) technology leverage Data Progression to ensure that data is stored on the optimal storage media with optimal RAID level always. As a result, Data Progression lowers TCO as it maintains performance while lowering the overall cost of storage. Where other vendors simply use high-cost SLC flash media as antoher teir of storage, Data Progression utilizes this teir to ensure the highest performance for incoming writes. After taking advantage of the high write performance of the SLCs, data is automatically progressed onto lower cost, high read performance MLC drives. 


Virtualization and Simplified Management: 

The ESG Lab validated that the SC4020 reduces costs with the same virtualzation and efficiency features that are included in the enterprise-level SC8000 storage system. This frees the administrator from traditional physical restraints with traditionall HDD and SSD. The built-in storage virtualization allows data to be stored, scaled, moved , tiered, delivered and replicated in the most optimal and efficient manner possible, while minimizing the cost and management complexity associated with traditional multi-tiered storage environments. All data stored on the array is automatically placed on the storage tecnology and RAID level that allows organizations to deploy less storage to solve IT pains and challenges. 


Cost Efficiency Lowers TCO:

This solution utilizes cost-effective hardware in a smaller footprint that helps lower cost of acquisition while minimizing power and cooling costs. The SC Series architecutre enables customers to purchase and deploy less capacity, while the fine-tuned SC4020 licensing model helps to lower licencing costs. All Dell SC Series storage arrays do not need forklift upgrades, and contain perpetual software licenses and full Copilot support, ensuring that today's investment can be leveraged for future growth. Ultimately, TCO is reduced, making it one of CRN's "10 Coolest Flash Storage and SSD Products of 2014."


For more details and information, go to our EVENT CALENDAR and register for one of the two scheduled OnDemand Webinar with Dell. Join us to connect with a Dell Storage Technology Specialist and to get exclusive insight on how the product can enhance your IT investment. 



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MR2 SOLUTIONS ANNOUNCES: We’re Rebranding the Company! MR2 Solutions presents their newly designed website and logo to its customers and business partners to strengthen their online presence and marketing efforts.

“I want to let the IT industry know of our new brand and our story. Our core belief is that data is the number one asset of any organization (next to people). We have developed a successful business in doing one thing right - protecting data. Our mission is to become trusted advisors in providing companies with IT solution that can further reduce investment costs, simplify operations and advance business productivity,” says Ron Salazar, General Manager of MR2 Solutions. We believe that keeping our website and our brand current is crucial especially in this industry where change is the only thing constant.

IRVINE, CA - As of today, MR2 Solutions launches its newly designed website and logo in order to increase its efforts in branding and marketing. Company logo and website are a critical aspect in any aspect of a business or enterprise. Corporate logos are said to be the “face” of the company, being a display of a business’s unique identity.

The specific color and font were chosen to reflect the company’s core values and competencies. MR2 retained a reputable company to help with the redesign and revamping of the website and logo. This new change occurred in hopes to let customers know that the company is willing to adopt change, embrace innovation and to strive for success within this ever changing industry of technology.

The new MR2 website offers a clean, well-organized and modern design that is easy to navigate. Each page provides a content-rich site experience that displays our vendor partners, customer and partner testimonials including the company calendar events and demo scheduling options.

MR2 Solutions is an IT systems integration and solutions provider that focuses on storage, backup, security and networking. This well-established company partners up with technology visionaries and market leader within the IT industry to offer the latest technology trends for the modern data center and network infrastructure. Their goal is to solve today’s IT challenges and business needs by providing a reliable, cost-effective and scalable IT environment.

The new MR2 logo will be updated on all of their event invites, landing pages, and social media networks. The site will also provide social media integration and direct links to the blog page that will have news on manufacturer updates, announcements and product releases. Proud of their new website and logo, they hope it provides a beneficial and informative portal for customers to get to know MR2 Solutions a little closer and to understand the value MR2 will bring to any business.

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