Imation’s Nexsan offers data storage systems that include all-encompassing, enterprise-class data protection solutions to help corporations efficiently protect, archive and recover data. Specifically, MR2 offers Imation’s Nexsan Assureon for data storage security and data archiving solutions. While exponential data growth demands more optimization, MR2 and Nexsan join forces to provide secure archival solutions dedicated to long-term data preservation and maximum compliance fulfillment. This solution not only reduces storage costs but also enhances user efficiency, all while protecting high-value data in conformity with high corporate governance standards and governmental regulatory requirements.

Benefits for Data Archiving Include:
  • Improved application performance
  • Overall increased storage capacity for primary storage systems
  • Reduced backup windows
  • Cost savings of moving infrequently accessed data to less expensive storage
  • Higher performance and scalability
  • Easy to use; cloud-ready; data storage security

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