Legacy data protection solutions have complex and bloated architecture so MR2 Solutions partners with Rubrik to deliver simplified single software solutions. Together, MR2 and Rubrik offers backup software, replication, catalog databases, deduplicated storage, and more into a single software fabric that can be easily deployed as a plug-and-play appliance, or in the cloud. IT professionals can instantly power on any application anywhere for recovery, search, cloud and test/dev. Built on a scale-out architecture, users can continue managing a single system and scale out easily with no forklift upgrades. Solutions will also deliver point-in-time recovery with intelligent log management. Application/ server files can be quickly located via Google-like search and restored to any location. Benefits include:

  • Quick Start – Installation of plug-and-play appliances typically takes less than an hour, while auto-discovering virtual and physical environments, such as hosts, VMs, databases, through APIs and intelligent connectors
  • Rapid Ingest – Using flash for fast data extraction, solutions minimize performance impact to the production environment and resulting in rapid backup windows and eliminating the VM stun effect. Solutions also includes an intelligent distributed workflow management system to maximize the number of parallel data streams processed.
  • Automate – Reducing daily operational management, solutions enable single policy engine to orchestrate SLAs across the entire data lifecycle. Rubrik will automate backup policy execution.
  • Instant Recovery – Through a single click, users instantly recover the VM or SQL database by booting the virtual machine disk file or SQL file directly on the system with no additional storage provisioning required.
  • Secure – Deliver end-to-end encryption. Data sent to cloud is encrypted in-transit and at-rest storing data in an immutable format, so users can quickly recover from Ransomware with no data loss.
  • Cloud – Send deduped data to public cloud for long-term retention while having instant access to data via Google-like search. Apps can also be instantiated in the cloud or DR or test/dev. Rubrik will convert VM files into cloud instances. Capabilities to deploy in the cloud to automate backup, replication, archival, etc. is also available.

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