MR2 Solutions pairs up with Tintri, a storage vendor with a revolutionary approach. With predominant workloads in today’s data center rapidly changing, Tintri has built, from the ground up, a technology that specifically supports virtual applications. With Tintri’s VM-aware storage built specifically for VMs, there are no limitations. Storing virtual machines with Tintri delivers faster performance, packs 10x more densely and takes 98% less management.

More and more companies continue to virtualize their environment in order to increase efficiency while saving resources. In the industry today, 80% of businesses have virtualized workloads, however legacy storage platforms haven’t materially changed in decades, still using LUNs, volumes, RAID, etc. for physical workloads. The disconnect between virtualized applications cause companies to over-provision. Only VM-aware storage (VAS) can eliminate the complexities out of managing storage on a day to day basis through a single technology that knows and fully understands what virtualized applications are doing.

While every product in the market talk about performance, Tintri’s best quality is time, quick to implement, quick to scale and quick to manage. Tintri’s user interface displays every individual VM stored on a platform and shows its latency broken down across host, network and storage. Data stores with virtualization today have many moving parts, however with Tintri, all visibility is in one giant data store to manage a virtualized data center.

Key Benefits
  • No heavy lifting; fast deployment
  • Easy visibility for latency issues and VM-level analytics to simplify administration
  • VM-level visualization and quality of service (QoS)
  • Storage array with VM-aware operating system
  • Delivering 99% of IO from flash
  • Easy installation & deployment
  • Transparent operation with visibility to capacity and performance reserves

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