MR2 Solutions makes VDI easy with HyperGrid and Workspot. Digital workplaces enable rapid innovation and agility. IT teams need to give end users access to critical applications over a multitude of devices while ensuring security and governance over these endpoints that empower end users to collaborate on the move.

Drawbacks of current VDI Solutions:

  • Too complex
  • High TCO
  • > 9 Months to deploy
  • High Opex – slow, unreliable access leads to increased volume of support calls
  • Poor and unreliable end user experience

MR2 Simplifies VDI Deployment

By offering HyperGrid’s HyperCloud, a cloud-first solution, MR2 can solve key operational challenges such as security, performance, and complexity that organizations face with VDI today. Key differentiators include:

  • Full-stack technology
  • Purchased on consumption basis
  • Lower TCO
  • Complete governance

Strategic Partners Emerge – Collaboration with Workspot

MR2 Solutions supports this collaboration with HyperGrid and Workspot in order to deliver VDI-as-a Service with VDI on HyperCloud, solving operational challenges such as security, performance and complexity. All organizations, as well as service providers, can easily provision VDI into any HyperCloud powered data center realizing unparalleled time-to-value from the VDI implementation. HyperCloud is the only consumption-based, cloud service for the enterprise on-premises, with integrated governance and control for DevOps management and orchestration for any application on bare-metal, VMs and containers, and on any cloud. Rapidly deploy enterprise class VDI on premises with governance and utility pricing at half the cost of public cloud. Reduce TCO while deploying VDI quickly and without friction.


  • Rapid VDI Deployment
  • Seamless Support Across Devices
  • Further Cost Reduction

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