MR2 has partnered with Reduxio Systems to provide a next-generation storage platform that enables its users to experience unique “to-the-second” data recoverability, breakthrough capacity savings, and top-level performance. Simplify database storage management while receiving instant recovery from any second in the past without snapshots or consistency group configurations.

Reduxio’s innovative flash storage system offers:

  • Instant recovery of data from any second in the system’s history with no upfront planning or data copy.
  • Flash performance at disk-level cost, thanks to the only continuous tiering algorithm in the market.
  • 6X storage capacity with unique always-on, in-line, in-memory dedupe and compression.
  • Solutions for leading enterprise software and applications from VMware®, Microsoft® and Oracle®.
  • An intuitive, simple to use, touch-based storage management UI.
  • Cost-efficient flash-based low latency performance
  • Increased capacity savings for databases and data protection from security breaches & ransomeware

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